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NOW AVAILABLE! Murder Under The Boards: The Atlantic City Paranormal Mystery by master mystery writer Christopher Pinto is now available in paperback and Kindle eBook at!


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Featuring Pinto's recurring character, Detective Bill Riggns of the New York City Police, Murder Under The Boards is the thirdbook in a series of supernatural thrillers by Christopher Pinto. Murder Under the Boards takes place in 1957, in New York and Atlantic City, with flashbacks to the 1920s and 40s. Detective Riggins once again finds himself on "administrative leave" after an altercation with a nasty pimp. He decides to vacation in The World's Playground for a few days, and to watch his young friend Johnny Falcon ascend the staircase of musical stardom at Atlantic City's world famous Steel Pier. Within two days Riggins becomes embroiled in a series of horrific murders, lies, cons and of course, ghosts.

THE MEAT OF THE STORY takes place on and around the Atlantic City Boardwalk, in 1957 and 1983. Riggins stays at the famed 5-star Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel, Atlantic City's centerpiece until it met the wrecking ball in 1978. Pinto does an outstanding job of bringing the golden age of The World's Playground to life in this nostalgic novel.

JOURNEY BACK to the Atlantic City of the 1950s, when Hackney's and Captain Starns' served fresh-caught seafood to thousands of people a day, when classic-era 5-star hotels built with marble and mahogany lined the Boardwalk, and the Steel Pier hosted the hottest bands and stars of the day. Go back before the casinos, before multiple hurricanes damaged the city, before television and fast cars took people away from America's #1 resort.

SWING BACK to an era of cool jazz in secret lounges, Sinatra at the 500 Club, diving horses and wild nights on the beach. Spend a weekend with Detective Bill Riggins, a tough-as-nails New York vice cop with an unusual connection with sprits of those long dead.


Like all of Pinto's mysteries, this book will take you back in time to an era when gumshoe detectives drank hard liquor and weren't afraid to plug a few hunks of lead into the belly of a bad guy. Written in Pinto's trademark neo-noir style, Murder Under The Boards: The Atlantic City Paranormal Mystery is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves Stephen King, Mickey Spillane, Dean Koontz, Dashiel Hammet or any good, solid horror or mystery writing.

"Pinto's style gets you hooked from the first line, creating characters that are so realistic and interesting that you'll feel like you've met them in person."

"...the depth of (Pinto's) stories sneaks up on you...just when you think you know where the story's going, he makes a left turn and you end up going deeper down the rabbit hole."

"Pinto's writings are chock-full of great locations, both in place and time, and he manages to give full, rich descriptions without getting bogged-down in dull details. You'll not only see what he sees, you'll experience it - and that's what makes a book like this great."

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PINTO HAS TAKEN CUES from real murders in and around Atlantic City to build this exciting, Noir murder mystery ghost story. Drawing inspiration from a serial killer still at large today (credited with the murders of four prostitutes found in the marsh off the Black Horse Pike in West Atlantic City), The Print Shop murders from the early 1990s, and stories of bodies found under the Boardwalk, Pinto has woven an original web of murder, lies, sex and secrets in The World's Playground, Atlantic City

This Atlantic City Murder Mystery is the third in the Bill Riggins series with the first being Murder Behind the Closet Door and the second being Murder on Tiki Island, both available in print and ebook at For more information visit StarDust Mysteries Publishing.

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"Murder Under The Boards: The Atlantic City Paranormal Mystery" is the noir paranormal murder mystery that takes place in Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, Longport, West Atlantic City, Absecon, Galloway, and Avalon, New Jersey on the Jersey Shore. Features Detective Bill Riggins of the New York City police department. This Noir ghost story takes place in the 1950s and 1980s, with flash-backs to the 1920. Atlantic City landmarks and attractions mentioned in the book include The Steel Pier, The Million Dollar Pier, Steeplechase Pier, The Atlantic City Boardwalk, Beach, Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel, Hotel Dennis, Park Place, Bally's, Resorts, Haddon Hall, Doc's Oyster House, Hackney's, Captain Starns, The Star Dust Motel, Bahia Vista (the Sand Castle), The Black Horse Pike, Lucy the Elephant, Rolling Chairs, The Knife and Fork Inn. A murder mystery book, "Murder Under the Boards" is written for people who enjoy nostalgic thrillers, books written in the vintage-noir style with a modern beat. Christopher Pinto was the Producer/Director of Stardust Productions Theater, a traveling murder mystery troupe that operated in and around Atlantic City between 1989 and 2000. He brings his many years of experience in murder mysteries combined with his work in Atlantic City to this book. This is the third book by author Chris Pinto in the Detective Bill Riggins series. The First Book is "Murder Behind the Closet Door: The Wildwood Paranormal Mystery" and the second is "Murder on Tiki Island: A Paranormal Mystery in the Florida Keys." ©2013 Stardust Mysteries Publishing. All international rights reserved. Content on this website may be reproduced for PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.